135° White Angled Shower Bath Grab Bar Rail    200 x 200 mm, Ø 25mm

  • Size: 135° , 20cm by 20cm , 37cm Wide, 25mm diameter (see detailed measurements photo above)
  • Colour: White
  • Material:  Made from steel, with nickel-chromium electroplated coating
  • Symmetrical, Concealed fixings points
  • All screws and fixings are included.
  • Fitting instructions - see below

Fitting instructions

Advised height 80 cm from the ground. Angled grab bars can be installed obliquely (135°) or horizontally. Before drilling into the wall, hold the product against the wall and mark the position of the holes to be drilled. Use the appropriate wall plugs according to the type of wall you are installing the grab bar onto. All six screws and plugs must be used during fitting. After fitting and before using, make sure that the fixing screws are tightened securely. DO NOT use grab bar as a step to reach area, do not sit or hang on grab bar, use it for assistance ONLY

Safety warnings. Grab bars add security to the user if they are fitted according to the fitting instructions. Maximum weight limit 150KG - Please note the bar must be fitted onto a suitably strong wall and properly installed

The manufacturer shall have no liability for any injury caused by improper installation or use of this grab bar

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135° White Angled Shower Bath Grab Bar Rail Bathroom Support 200 x 200 mm, Ø25


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